Missouri Steel Tactical (MOST) Match Series

38469631_2148722745405782_4887213930016931840_nThe Missouri Steel Tactical (MOST) Steel Tactical Series is a year-long competitive shoot specializing in long distance, and culminating with a championship match in November. Matches are designed to last no more than 4 or 5 hours so you can drive in, shoot 50-80 rounds, and drive home in one day for a reasonable cost. Bolt action rifles are prevalent, but semi-auto gas guns (typically AR-10 or AR-15 platforms) are allowed and can be very effective. All you need is a scoped rifle, bipod, 80 rounds of ammo and DOPE. Here is a good rundown on equipment: http://precisionrifleblog.com/category/what-the-pros-use/

The MOST is a collaborative series between various rural gun ranges that include:

Big Piney Sportsman’s Club

Gadsden Shooting Center

Rolling Hills Rifle and Pistol Club

Shield Solutions Gun Range

Silver Barn Range

Vapor Trail Valley