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If you are in the Saint Louis or Bi-State region, and would like to add your store to the list of our trusted Vendors/Venues, have Matches or unique Training, or an event you’d like to add to our public tracking calendar, please contact us via the afore-mentioned Facebook page above. If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring STL Shooting Enthusiasts, please contact the admin directly as well.

About Our Product Reviews:

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About STL Shooting Enthusiasts:

Beginning in 2017 with just a simple Facebook page, STL Shooting Enthusiasts featured a researched list of USPSA, IDPA, Tactical 2/3-Gun, and other unique shooting sport events throughout the Missouri and Illinois region. The intent is to bring like-minded enthusiasts together either through competitions, or highlight trusted vendors. In 2019, the principal function of STL Shooting Enthusiasts was moved off Facebook because we had simply outgrown it. Metrics showed that in 2018 alone, our web-presence had reached over 29,000 viewers, with more added daily. Today STL Shooting Enthusiasts resides on its own web page that allows for an RSS feed and more dynamic content to include; product reviews, developmental drills, and a blog feed.

About Me:

IMG_2889With a nod to Internet privacy and as the Editor and Lead Writer to STL Shooting Enthusiasts, my name is Brian and I am an Army combat veteran (1998-2006). I served in the military for eight years throughout the world to include stations in; Georgia (twice), Korea, Texas, and Arizona. I have served three tours in Iraq, and four in Afghanistan, for a total of over three years combined overseas service. It has been an honor to serve alongside some of the greatest units in our armed forces – and those men and women whom have worn, or wear, the uniform will continue to have my respect. After my life in the military, I continue to work for the Department of Defense but only recently (2018) took up competitive shooting in USPSA – sponsored by Americas Armory Inc. and Spectre Concealment. I look to grow in this area of my personal life while working towards the more comprehensive “tactical athlete” mindset while espousing the trifecta of mind, might, fight.