Welcome to STL Shooting Enthusiasts!

Here we feature a list of shooting sport events in the bi-state region to include; IDPA, USPSA, Tactical 2-Gun, 3-Gun, CMP and more. We also host informative articles intent on growing our community, knowledge, and skill. New shooters interested in starting competitive shooting should explore our Matches page for descriptions of various shooting events in the local area. We also have information on unique or notable Training events, trusted Vendors whom have proven their commitment to their customers, or shooting Venues that can prove an invaluable resource when searching for the perfect range.

While STL Shooting Enthusiasts features a number of informational resources, we also offer Product Reviews and a reoccurring Blog focused on expanding our community, tradecraft, or good-natured humor. But at our core, the purpose of STL Shooting Enthusiasts remains a well-researched and structured database for upcoming shooting sport events.


On the far right (or at the bottom if you’re viewing it via mobile) our website features “Upcoming Matches & Events” based on our tracking calendar. While it only displays the closest 10 events, the entire calendar is available as an RSS feed you can download here. While we do our best to track and monitor all events, final times and dates are subject to last-minute changes from the host organization, with little or no warning. Ensure that once you find matches or events of interest, you register in the associated Practiscore page, or contact the Match Director or POC to confirm any details before the event.

Our social media presence can be found on a variety of platforms (given your preference) however, with the increasing hostility of Facebook/Instagram our longevity on those specific networks may be limited.

Where to Find Us

  • Facebook: For general networking and exchanges, although given its increasing hostility to 2A groups, may not be around for very long.
  • Parler: More a Twitter-esk feed and will reflect the thoughts and views of SSE amid the 2A world. Here we will post memes, deals, and general content.
  • MeWe: For general Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) activity as well as news, memes, and exchanges with like-minded individuals.
  • Pinterest: General image board for reviews or range time. Vote for your favorites, share, or leave comments.

With that said, welcome.

Page last updated 23 January 2022